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Ternary CPU Preorder

Ternary CPU Preorder

The ternary CPU is now in pre-order.

The card will be available starting October 25, 2019 in a limited series of 100 pieces.
Buy it now in pre-order to be among the first to receive it.
In very limited quantities it will be sold at the Maker Faire in Rome, from 18 to 20 October 2019.

Create the future of computing yourself, NOW!

  • Find out how a ternary processor works
  • Create your ternary computer
  • Program using the exclusive functions of the ternary
  • Use a compact representation of information
  • Go beyond the Boolean algebra
  • Give your hobbies a new life with the ternary
  • Start creating a new world of computing
  • Realize your ternary operating system

To whom it is addressed
  • Lovers of electronics or low-level programming
  • Computer architecture enthusiasts
  • Homebrew computer creator
  • Research institutions and universities
Application fields
  • Advanced computing
  • Algorithms
  • Data compression
  • Artificial intelligence
  • ...any other field that represents innovation!

The CPU implements a ternary RISC instruction set, it work with 24 Trit (Ternary Digit) data, 12 Trit addresses.
For detailed or for any request, you can contact us.
The cost, for first 100 pieces is 160€ (VAT and shipping not included).

Preorder it now!