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Ternary Computer System


The final goal of this project is to make a complete ternary computer system.
The end goal has been subdivided into several phases to find out what the various difficulties are encountered and how to move forward.

Phase 1

  • Development of the CPU system and ternary memory using only binary components - 100% COMPLETED -;
  • Development of an architecture (ISA, Registers, Microarchitecture) - 60% completed -;
  • Development of a peripheral system (serial interface, HDMI, Keyboard) - 30% completed -;

Phase 2

  • Development of a Monitor;
  • Development of a Ternary Operating System;

The CPU implements a RISC instruction set approach, it work with 24 Trit (Ternary Digit) data, 12 Trit addresses and a several Trit control BUS;
Phase 1 is also focused on the design of a set of CPU instructions, in order to define all the basic operations that the CPU will be able to carry out.
The integration will be achieved thanks to a card that supplies two serial ports.